New Destiny 800 Review – Travel Business and Opportunity Review

New Destiny 800 is the newest Internet based business opportunity based in the travel industry. The company’s mission and hope is” is that globally people of all walks of life can “find” New Destiny 800 to fulfill their dreams.” So can your dreams be fulfilled with the business opportunity of New Destiny 800?New Destiny 800 is a travel based multilevel marketing business opportunity created by Patrick Sheffer and has just launched as of the middle of April 2010. The membership fee is $268 dollars and comes with the member’s only travel booking center, live agent to help book the vacations you sell and a host of personal and marketing development products. The products will be based foremost on the vacation packages and following suit with the “how to” market your business and tutorials on keeping a solid mindset. For the most part, the marketing tutorials and trainings will cover only a few ways of marketing online and mostly through banner, solo ads and video advertising.The compensation plan is based on a 2×2 cycling plan which is typical of the travel opportunity industry. The 2×2 cycle will require the new member to recruit two individuals and those two to recruit two as well before the first cycle is complete. To begin the next cycle will require yet another fee of the original $268 and then find two more individuals to do the same thing over again. The constant use of the words “onetime payment” mean every single time you decide to rejoin the cycle board, not a truly one time entry fee.Although ND800 is a legitimate business opportunity, the compensation plan is rather confusing as you continue the research into it and it would be important to ask your sponsor how it works for you. This is a highly saturated industry as well and will require time and work to truly create at least a small amount of income and is by no means a get rich quick opportunity, there is no such thing online or offline. These opportunities do have a high attrition rate in the first year and it will be important to do your due diligence before the outlay of time and financial investment. There is some training in marketing with this program and it will be important to thoroughly study them to implement them effectively in the hopes of driving traffic to your specific site.